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Colorful fractal texture stock photos
Mathematics rendered to imagery. These fractal designs were all created using the program Apophysis. They are perfect for abstract design. Simple, or complex swirls of light create stock photos that do not need to be defined. Fractals have been a hobby of mine for years, and here they are offered free to use for any design application. Most people cannot tell what a fractal is when they see it, making them very intriguing to look at, and for the same reason they can easily fade into the background.

fractal texture haunting ghost skull red orange anger abstract stock wallpaper
fractal texture abstract swirl pink blue brush stroke swirl movment stock image
fractal texture wallpaper boxy abstract geometric flow stock image
fractal texture light galaxy lighting purple pink abstract electric wallpaper
3d fractal texture bubbles water flow abstract blue stock image wallpaper
fractal texture tron zoom tunnel tech futuristic blue white abstract portal
fractal texture native abstract bird circle earth stock wallpaper
dark fractal texture spiral linear red web abstract stock wallpaper
fractal texture spiral wallpaper purple light abstract stock image
fractal texture purple circle sphere rings abstract light wallpaper
Fractal design art stock definition picture wallpaper image free fractured apophysis texture
Fractal wallpaper art image free picture design definition stock texture