Product Photography Setup

4 Tips for a Flattering Product Photography Setup

Are you looking to create great product shots, but don’t know the first thing about object photography? Or are you a veteran product photographer who already has the product photography setup and just needs a few fresh techniques? E-commerce sales soared 17% from 2016 to 2017 with no end in sight. To stay competitive, you’ll need great photos that set your products apart. Read on to learn more about our best product photography techniques. 1. Get What You Need: Your […]

can stock photos

Can Stock Photos Enhance Your Marketing Message? (The answer: Yes!)

While we know that content, execution, and details are important in sales, content that comes with images gets 94% more views than content without images. That means that you need to show your clients whatever you can, no matter your limited resources. If you’re wondering “can stock photos convince customers”, the fact is that they need images to believe your marketing message. Here are 5 ways that stock photos can help you to enhance your marketing message. 1. Puff Out […]

The Importance of Choosing the Right Color Scheme for your Website

We humans are primarily visually-driven creatures. Most of our decisions rely on what we perceive. Although, we might not be consciously aware of it. The internet, as you may have noticed, is an explosion of colors. You will find different websites employing all sorts of backgrounds and color schemes to entice the viewer to keep on scrolling. And considering the rise of internet dependency, one could say that websites have achieved their goal. Certainly, web design companies like the Secret […]

graphic design tools

Top 4 Graphic Design Tools Every Designer Should Have

Are you just starting out your graphic design career? Maybe you’re a seasoned graphic designer looking to invest in new graphic design tools to up your game. Either way, the old adage rings true for graphic designers: a craftsman is only as good as his tools. To launch a successful graphic design career that has longevity, you need the best graphic design tools out there. It’s an extremely competitive field, so setting yourself apart with the best tech is definitely […]

web design elements

What a Beautiful Site: 10 Important Web Design Elements Every Site Needs

Every business owner knows a company website is an integral part of a company’s success. However, what you might not know is that web design elements are more powerful than site content in establishing a trusting relationship with the viewer. In a study conducted to better understand what makes audiences trust websites, researchers asked viewers to pinpoint where their mistrust stemmed from. Roughly 94% of the feedback they received pointed to design elements instead of content. So what elements are […]

bad logo design

9 Bad Logo Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

In the digital age, it has become more important ever for businesses to quickly and clearly establish their message and brand. An effective logo can serve this purpose perfectly, as it can communicate a businesses brand almost instantly. The key factor is that it needs to be an effective logo, and not all logos are. In fact, there are many different mistakes that can be made in designing a logo. It is important to understand these mistakes, in order to […]

Create Impressive Designs with Car Paint Texture Layouts

Create Impressive Designs with Car Paint Texture Layouts

Create Impressive Designs with Car Paint Texture Layouts Are you looking to explore new textures and elements for your graphic designs? Then you’ll love the car paint texture. In this article, we prepared unique design packs that will create the visuals of aged car surfaces. When you want it authentic and vintage, we’ve got the top-notch selection of the best high-resolution car paint texture layouts. You’ll love the collection we have here. Check them out! Want to create a gorgeous […]

Cool Dust Transparent Textures for Your Images

Cool Dust Transparent Textures for Your Images

Cool Dust Transparent Textures for Your Images Are you looking to apply an aged, worn-out look to your designs? One of the fastest ways to do it is through textures. Whether you’re preparing a poster for a client or an invitation for your kid’s party, textures bring the right feel and look of your images. In this article, we curated some of the best visual elements to add depth and personality to your artwork. Check out these cool dust transparent […]

Add Character to Your Designs with the Sidewalk Texture Effects

Add Character to Your Designs with the Sidewalk Texture Effects

Add Character to Your Designs with the Sidewalk Texture Effects Textures bring life to art. There are different textures techniques that you can use whether you’re doing physical or digital art. When it comes to digital art, one of the shortcuts would be to use ready designs that help you achieve your visual and content goals. This article discusses texture, as a whole, with examples focused on the sidewalk texture. Any artwork can come to life if you add texture. […]

Beautiful Chrome Texture Elements for Your Designs

Beautiful Chrome Texture Elements for Your Designs When you think about graphic design, you always think about how hard it is to make. Why? Because there are various things to consider but ultimately, it all boils down to whether your audience like your design. This is when texture comes in. Different types of textures such as marble texture, chrome texture, natural texture, etc., can greatly help enhance your design. How does texture help you in your graphic design? Graphic designers […]

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