TextureX.com was created more than six years ago to be the primary resource for artists, photographers, game developers, and graphic designers alike to find the best textures available on the market. We like to upload fresh designs and high quality, high-resolution images of different textures and graphic elements alike, fairly often. We hope you like these free and premium textures provided by TextureX.com. You may use them for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background, please attribute them to TextureX.com. We would love to hear from you.

The free resolution images found in TextureX.com are offered free to use (with attribution) for personal application, the premium resolution images can be used for commercial applications as per the license rules (without attribution). You may not sell or claim ownership of unmodified images or textures, individual or in packs. All free content and images remainthe property of TextureX.com. Please make your payments with PayPal. It is free, secure, effective.

If you ever have any questions or want to contact us directly, you can do so via e-mailing us at Contact@TextureX.com or you can contact Daniel Howards directly at daniel@TextureX.com.