Free Wood Textures

Over 100 paneled, bark, and flat, wood textures and wallpapers

A good wood texture has an asthetic that can fit many design styles. Wood paneling and grain photos provide a rustic, and authentic feel to graphic and web design. With clean lines, and even colors wooden texture also does very well as a desktop background, and wallpaper.

Trees create fascinating designs, and bark comes in all different styles. Some are like alien landscapes, with lichen and fungal growth. Others are big and gnarly, creating rough landscapes. Great for web design, banners, and 3d level texturing

Whatever your use for these wood textures, we would love to hear from you. Email us at

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  • wood texture bamboo weave furniture stock photo
  • Wood Texture Red Alder Wood Bark Alnus rubra stock photo
  • wood panel texture smooth grain stock photo
  • wood texture wicker weave stock wallpaper multi colored
  • wood texture plank celeing wall oak birch maple natural grain wallpaper
  • bark wood texture natural brown red cracked grunge wooden photo
  • wood texture beach green scratch cut grain ripple Texture
  • wood texture grain ash red wooden panel table wallpaper
  • wood texture wicker weave multi color stock photo
  • dark wicker wood texture woven furniture
  • natural wood texture beach wooden light stock photo wallpaper
  • Wood texture bark douglas fir photo rough image
  • eucalyptus wood texture bark paper wooden grey stoc wallpaper
  • dark wood texture wicker stitched woven photo
  • wood texture stick fence bamboo grass natural stock photo
  • grey wood texture dark grain wooden surface design stock wallpaper
  • woven wood texture multi colored furniture_
  • wooden shutter texture wall paneling grain plank stock wallpaper
  • wood texture shutters paneling plank striped stock photo
  • Wood Texture beach wood rough splinter old damaged photo
  • wooden wave texture door design old grain surface stock photo
  • wood texture woven stitch grain chair photo
  • Wood Texture Red Alder Bark bump Alien landscape stock photo
  • old wood texture blue paint effect door surface stock photo
  • stick wood texture rough natural wall timber photo design
  • dark wood texture old bark rough fire hazard photo
  • Wood Texture Red Alder Bark natural camoflauge Stock Photo
  • Wood Texture Red Wood Bark growth large bark rough california photo
  • wood texture penis woody tree bark phallic beige tan
  • Wood Texture Pacific Madrone Bark Red Arbutus menziesii Madrona stock image
  • Wood Texture folded bark flow oak ripple crust armor stock photo
  • Wood Texture Red Alder Bark camo Alnus rubra stock photo
  • Wood Texture wood grain light plank maple oak walnut cedar
  • Wood Texture worm wood waves grain light natural woody photo

We hope you like these free textures provided by You may use them for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background. We would love to hear from you. email us at