Free Grunge Textures

Heavy, light, dirty, and urban grunge texture photos

Grunge textures are the hardest to define, yet is a common word used to discribe a specific style.

Most grunge images are created using Photoshop brushes, pain splatters, and typically create an urban dirty feel. Many of them are light, and work well as a background to text, or are overlayed in Photoshop art.

Most of the textures on this site are photographs, so a lot of the images in this gallery will be harsh, beated, scratched, ugly, or dirty.

If you like our textures, or use them for your projects we want to hear about it. Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions at

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  • Dark Grunge Texture spoiled coptton desktop wallpaper
  • grunge texture chipped paint cracked sluff dirtyblack white grungy photo
  • Grunge Texture stained concrete grouns flat desktop
  • grime texture grunge old sirty surface burnt painted metal wall photo
  • san luis obispo gum wall texture gross grunge ribbon breast cancer disease wallpaper
  • Grunge Texture marble granite counter surface desktop wallpaper
  • grunge texture concrete grey spotted red paint rough old stock wallpaper
  • Cracked Grunge Texture paint effect chipped surface tan stain wallpaper
  • grunge photo concrete texture spotted ground black stained dirty filthy stock photo
  • grunge texture rusted metal bowl abstract
  • TextureX blue paint effect plastic acrylic white fiber glass Texture
  • Grunge Texture wall desktop grime dirt surface brown
  • grunge wallpaper spotted orange black macro stock photo rough
  • grunge photo texture green chipped paint cracked  peeling wall old stock photo
  • Grunge Texture sand crack ground surface dirty wallpaper photo
  • grunge paint texture flaking peeling pipe green  patchy photo
  • TextureX Lime calcium deposit gross grunge ugly nasty Texture
  • TextureX old concrete wall cracked grunge Texture
  • TextureX Pacific Madrone Grunge Bark Arbutus Madrona Texture

We hope you like these free textures provided by You may use them for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background. We would love to hear from you. email us at